favourite things friday

Crafty fun for the young and the young-at-heart! :D


Tuto­r­i­al for a love­ly rope hand­bag from The Long Thread.


This dress was made from a pil­low­case! Now I just need to find a long enough pil­low­case so I can get start­ed on this! Just so I can say, “look! I’m wear­ing a pil­low­case!” and you won’t believe me :P How-to on xojane.


The imper­fec­tion is love­ly. It’s amaz­ing how a bit of doo­dling can trans­form the hum­ble kraft paper into such hip­ster home decor! Idea from Design­Sponge.


Reminds me of my let­ter stamp attempt but so much more styl­ish! More about how to make stamps with left­over mate­ri­als (like bits of cork, scraps of wood, yarn, and but­tons) at Craft Left­overs.


It’s bril­liant how this works so well with such sim­ple mate­ri­als! How-to (and free wood­peck­er tem­plate!) on Made by Joel.


Also made by Joel, wal­nut boats! That actu­al­ly float! Awesomeness.


This is bril­liant — just imag­ine the fun of dec­o­rat­ing and re-dec­o­rat­ing this cake! Hat box chalk­board cake on Craftzine, by Jeromi­na Juan of Paper, Plate, and Plane.


Make giant, giant bub­bles! Look­ing at the expres­sion on the lit­tle girl’s face I can hear her gig­gle. Mag­ic-mak­ing with the most ordi­nary tools! How-to on Tater­tots and Jel­lo.


Super cute marsh­mal­low teacups! How-to from Enchant­ed Kitchen.


Have a hap­py Fri­day! :D



4 thoughts on “favourite things friday

  1. That wood­peck­er thing is a lot like the one Mike and Dan had in the base­ment all those years.…whatever hap­pened to that thing I won­der…? haha, lots of fun stuff here!

  2. mer­ci pour votre vis­ite! :D i haven’t prac­ticed the ukulele for a while… but i’d like to when i have some free time!

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