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It is officially summer! I’m going to look out for those super sunny cloudless days to try out this sun print technique — without the use of a sun print kit or photo paper, just fabric, and fabric paint! Isn’t the result just marvelous? How-to on Mary & Patch.


More fabric colouring magic from Shirin, Handmade, with instruction for tie-dying using just turmeric, purple cabbage, black tea, and beets! I love the bright shade of yellow from the turmeric, and the tiered design of this shirt!


More tie-dye with stuff one could easily find at home — Sharpies! It’s kind of expensive, but I’ve always wanted to get a full set of colour Sharpies. Maybe I’ll get it for myself for my birthday… and I will make a tie-dye t‑shirt with them! :D How-to on Crap I’ve Made.


More from Crap I’ve Made (the stuff on there is definitely not crap) — I’ve been looking for a simple way to make a high wasted skirt, and this seems simple enough, with no shirring involved (but it looks kind of like it’s shirred, which I like very much). The tutorial is written to make an older child-size skirt, but I’m sure it would be easy enough to modify to fit an adult (especially a short adult, like me :D).


I love garments with simple construction, and this is just a rectangular piece of fabric folded in half, seamed together at the shoulders and one side, with the armholes and necklines cut out. I have a large piece of blue polka dot fabric, I might try it out! :D Instruction on Amelie and Atticus.


Fancy a cup of tea? Invite the neighbourhood birds to your tea party with this teacup bird feeder! :D How-to on Intimate Weddings.


Cool coasters made with soda cans and plain white tiles! I do like the colourful designs of some soda cans (or pop cans, as we Canadians call it :D); it would be a great way to keep pop cans that we don’t get locally, like birch beer. Instruction on The Idea Room.


A great way to recycle and decorate! Box lid frames from Artful Adventures. Perhaps also a great way to make shadow boxes, with 3‑dimensional objects, like seashells and acorns! :D


More framing! This time with an old Scrabble set. I love how one can spell out words with the Scrabble tiles. How-to on Photojojo.


This is how every pair of jeans should be repaired. From The Evolution of Home.


I’ve actually never tried making things with Perler beads, but I know they sell large jars of them at Ikea — must pick up a jar on our next trip! I need some of these garden markers in my houseplants :D How-to on Smallgood Hearth.


These ink bubble drawings are mesmerizing. See the whole gallery of them on Fubiz.


And guess what? You can make your own marbleized drawings with just food colouring and vegetable oil! How-to on Momtastic.


These brilliant houses are made from old quilts. Simply precious and very inspiring. I just want to hold them in my hands. From Grrl+dog. They’re available from this Etsy shop.


A different kind of embroidery and a different kind of awesome. This reminds me so much of Chuck Close’ work. Embroidered portraits by Daniel Kornstrumpf. (via Swissmiss)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Once again, you have some great links but I especially love the sun prints! Looking forward to seeing your attempts at this cool project. Enjoy the sunshine; we are having another cloudy day here :-(.

  2. definitely not crap, I wish I thought of these myself :S. The Sharpie tie dye is giving me some ideas…

  3. thank you! just waiting for some sunny days for the sun prints! we’ve had some serious rainy weather in the past few days…

  4. your garden markers are brilliant! i’m so going to make some once i get my hands on some perler beads! :D thank you for visiting!

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