sunday video: sky scarf

Sky scarf is a very neat project, part of the Conceptual Knitting Project by Leafcutter Designs. (via WhipUp)

It documents the weather by knitting a stripe that matches the colour of the sky each day. Intrigued? Here’s a video with more details.



I love that one doesn’t have to spend a ton of time on it each day, but it still requires commitment and consistency — commitment to do something creative each day. It even makes one look up at the sky once a day in the midst of busyness and appreciate it for what it is. A great project for the fall when school and work and everything else is starting up again!

There are Flickr and Ravelry groups for the project as well — it would be fun to see all the different weather patterns in different corners of the world!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.



4 thoughts on “sunday video: sky scarf

  1. What a cool idea! The colors are so beautiful together, and such a small time commitment, as you say. We have a lot of gray days in the Seattle area, but having those lovely stripes of blue as a reminder of the sunny days we do have would be encouraging :-). Right now we are finally in the midst of sunny heaven.

  2. it’s been pouring rain this weekend in toronto! but i find storm clouds fascinating, and wondering which grey yarn i have is the closest to the colour of the dark clouds…

  3. Hi Trish,

    Wanted you to know that I have joined the Conceptual Knitting Ravelry group and have decided to begin my sky scarf on the first day of Autumn! So far I have two colors, and the Weaving Works in Seattle is ordering the other three. What’s so great is that I can buy as little as I want off the cones in their store. I’m glad of this because I have NO idea how much of each color I’ll need! 

    Thanks so much for posting this link!

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