what’s your favourite plant?


I seem to always catch on to things later than everybody else. Like the Nyan Cat. And Angry Birds. 

And now Plants vs Zombies! My friends and my sister have been playing this game for months. I’ve never quite understood why people like it so much. Until this week! Mike just downloaded it on his phone because it was on sale for Halloween. It is SO addictive.

My favourite plant so far is the valiant wall-nut! :D


He has the goofiest smile, and I can always count on him to guard the rest of the plants… until he’s all eaten by the zombies *sniff* 

Have you played Plants vs Zombies? What’s your favourite plant?

On a separate but equally nutty note, while I was busy working on the three papers that are due this week, Mike made us hazelnut hot chocolate (made with Nutella — recipe found here)! :D Isn’t he the best?

Not only does he put up with my irrational anxieties about school work everyday, he also tries everything he can to help me feel better. I can’t ask for a more loving husband ❤ 

On that note, now that the three papers are done (yay!), I should probably go and do laundry.

Have a sweet day, everyone!


6 thoughts on “what’s your favourite plant?

  1. My favourite I think is the blue freeze ray one. But of course, having a sunflower is must!!

    Oh, and because of you, I’m now hooked on Angry Birds and Pinterest, lol… Found your blog when someone, somewhere directed me to your plastic bag Koi, and have been following you since :) Part of my morning “ritual” involves checking/reading your blog.

  2. thank you so much! it makes my day to know that you enjoy reading my blog :D sorry i can’t update as frequently as before because of school… but i do make time for crafting and try to post when i can :D

  3. Hmmmm…I have 3 favourites: the Three-peater, Gatling, and Kernel-pult. There’s something really satisfying about watching a million peas stream across the screen and a zombie stopped in its tracks because of a giant lump of butter. Haha…

  4. I like the potato mines. And the sun-shrooms, but only the tiny ones. I love that game, I was so sad when my laptop died and I lost it. Have you seen the pea-shooter crochet pattern on Ravelry? Fantastic.

  5. oooh i love the kernel-pult too! couldn’t stop laughing when i first saw the lump of better being thrown at the zombies! XD

  6. yes! potato mines are so very useful! haven’t seen the pea-shooter pattern… now i must look up all the P vs Z patterns on ravelry! :D

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