this week’s awesome finds

What a fabulous idea, drawing on rocks with white ink! Reminds me of the leaf drawings. Another project I can use my silver pen for :D From Paint Cut Paste.


An air plant grown in a round lampshade! Now I must find out where air plants are sold. From Design Dreams Japan.


Monster pudding cups! The faces are drawn on the inside of plastic cups with melted white and dark chocolate. Find the rest of the recipe on the Zui Blog! :D


Pattern for a super pretty lace top on Made by Rae. I’m racing to the fabric store as soon as the semester is over!


One of those really simple but super brilliant idea — stamps made with bottle caps and foam stickers! From Mama Jenn.


One of the visitors to my blog pointed me to the pea shooter crochet pattern on Ravelry — it’s free! (Thanks Anna! :D) Pattern from What we did on our holy days.


Also found this sewing pattern for sale on Etsy for the pea shooter, the sun flower, and the wall-nut! Love the wall-nut. So plushy.


Spotted this beautiful macrame owl pattern via That Artist Woman, who made it into a lovely necklace. I kind of envision it being a long necklace, wondering what kind of thread I should use so the owl will be more stiff and hold its shape… and I love how it’s holding onto a twig! 


Fantastic Mr.Fox has got to be one of my favourite movies, and so I was so excited to see the Kristofferson and Ash customes! So awesome! From Checkout Girl (great blog too! Must read through the past entries when I can find time).


I’m heading to Niagara Falls this weekend! Looking forward to writing a point-and-shoot post when I come back! :D Have a lovely weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Seeing that little macrame owl sure brought back memories. I was very into macrame in the early 70’s. My Mom still has an owl towel holder I made, even though it’s relegated to the basement bathroom :-) Looking at the link, I made a cardboard holder just like that one and used it to make dozens of chokers. If you are thinking of making that owl, you might try nylon cord. It’s a bit more substantial than yarn.

  2. they had crocheted PvZ plants on an episode of “day day up” too! :D (it was…a long time ago though. i think i told you on facebook?)

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