river stone

I was inspired by the long chain neck­laces that a friend always wears. So while down on Queen Street West for a school project last week, I quick­ly stopped by my favourite bead store to look at their stone pendants. 

I bought this one because it remind­ed me of Nia­gara Falls — the emer­ald green algae under­neath, the rocks on the cliff, the gush of waters roar­ing down.


It’s drilled through the mid­dle length­wise so I put a piece of wire through, made a dou­ble-loop at the top for the chain and a coil at the bot­tom to secure it. Not sure if that makes sense… my brain’s kind of fried after a day of writ­ing… here’s the back of it so you can see what I mean…


I also did­n’t have one long chain so I linked two togeth­er, like so…




Makes me hap­py to look at it because it reminds me of water, and the won­ders of cre­ation. It’s the small things that help me get through crunch time >_<

Hope you’re hav­ing a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “river stone

  1. It’s sort of a sou­venir now from your trip :-). Just a beau­ti­ful stone. Hang in there with all your stud­ies. When is the quar­ter over?

  2. I adore that neck­lace. The stone is beau­ti­ful. It’s nice to have a lit­tle stress reliev­er. A friend of mine gave me a stone like that and told me to kind of rub it when I felt stressed. I was sur­prised how much it helps! Good luck with your studies!

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