river stone

I was inspired by the long chain necklaces that a friend always wears. So while down on Queen Street West for a school project last week, I quickly stopped by my favourite bead store to look at their stone pendants. 

I bought this one because it reminded me of Niagara Falls — the emerald green algae underneath, the rocks on the cliff, the gush of waters roaring down.


It’s drilled through the middle lengthwise so I put a piece of wire through, made a double-loop at the top for the chain and a coil at the bottom to secure it. Not sure if that makes sense… my brain’s kind of fried after a day of writing… here’s the back of it so you can see what I mean…


I also didn’t have one long chain so I linked two together, like so…




Makes me happy to look at it because it reminds me of water, and the wonders of creation. It’s the small things that help me get through crunch time >_<

Hope you’re having a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “river stone

  1. It’s sort of a souvenir now from your trip :-). Just a beautiful stone. Hang in there with all your studies. When is the quarter over?

  2. I adore that necklace. The stone is beautiful. It’s nice to have a little stress reliever. A friend of mine gave me a stone like that and told me to kind of rub it when I felt stressed. I was surprised how much it helps! Good luck with your studies!

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