november movember

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of November! 

Mike’s been fundraising for Movember, and last night while video-chatting with my sister and my parents on Google+ I noticed a new mustache feature! XD (It’s kind of a face recognition thing where the mustache follows the person’s face on the screen.)

So the screen shot above is me with a fake ‘stache and Mike with a real ‘stache. There are even different kinds of mustache…


FUN! :D Do give it a try if you use Google+!

Speaking of November, I celebrated my birthday last week. Mike made me a cake :D


… and he got me a plush llama! (the chicken noodle soup was just randomly thrown in there for the photo…)

I’ve been wanting a plush llama for a long time! Mike’s the best :D

A couple more weeks and we’re into December! I usually start Christmas crafting around October, but have been too busy with school this year. I can’t wait till the semester ends in the second week of December — I’ll be doing nothing but crafting, drinking tea and eating Toffifee. Mmm. 

Have you started Christmas crafting yet? 

Wishing you a happy Wednesday!




5 thoughts on “november movember

  1. The plush llama’s just tooo cute! its a crime!
    also, i love the thrown in cup noodle, and you look so thrilled to have both in your procession! =)
    Happy birthday again dear friend, and happy crafting!! I can’t wait to see what you’re creating this year!

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