day of the octopus


My friend was wear­ing the octo­pus neck­lace from Mod­Cloth and I was real­ly admir­ing it, and then a cou­ple of weeks lat­er I was at the bead store and saw an octo­pus charm exact­ly like it! Well, not exact­ly, the ten­ta­cles are tan­gled dif­fer­ent­ly and it’s hung dif­fer­ent­ly, with an extra ring at the bot­tom of one of its ten­ta­cles for beads or what­not, but I bought it! For $1.50!

And right out­side the bead store there was a giant octopus!


And then I found the per­fect bead to add to the octo­pus from Bum­ber­shoot Sup­plies. They are sea-water green with bub­bles in the glass. And the sell­er is super quick and so very friend­ly :D


Though I did­n’t real­ize how del­i­cate these glass beads were and acci­den­tal­ly cracked one while try­ing to close a jump ring around it :( Sec­ond try was more successful.






Have a hap­py Sun­day, friends!