at the table with… forest and farm friends!

I must show you my new table cloth! :D

You might say, it’s just a table cloth, what’s there to show? But no! It’s the best table cloth ever!

Check. This. Out.


My favourite is of course the mush­room creature!

The owl is super adorable too.

And I also love the peas!

And the broc­coli, the straw­ber­ry, the turnip… well, they’re all cool!

And now you might ask, where did you get such an awe­some table cloth?

From my awe­some moth­er-in-law! :D

(I believe she got it at a Loblaws Super­store, if you want to try get­ting one too…)

Now I want to make plush­es of all the for­est and farm friends!

And when we’re fin­ished using it as a table cloth, I’m going to make it into a tote bag :D


Hap­py Tues­day, every­one! :D






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