earth owl and many blessings

My friend Nancy sent me a package in the mail, full of treasures! :D

There were lots of craft supplies, each thing related to a blog post I wrote! I was so moved by the thoughts and kindness behind this gift. It meant so much to me. Opening all the tissue paper-wrapped and ribbon tied parcels felt like Christmas!

Amongst the many things in the package, there were beads! I love beads! I poured them out into a paint palette and marveled at each one. There were a lot of stone chip beads and each is different. It was fascinating. I particularly love stones that are transparent with streaks of colours in them. Reminded me of the tiny bottle of tumbled stone chips I got at the Big Nickel when I was a kid.


It was a such special gift and I wanted to make something really special with them. Something that I can carry around with me.

And so the earth owl came into being! :D


I haven’t done a lot of wire work so this turned out better than I thought. I kind of just bent the wire into an owl shape in a free-formed manner. For the body and the wings I attached/strung the beads on by crocheting with a 2mm hook and thin wire. The eyes are also crocheted.

I found these gorgeous, sparkling glass beads from the package for the eyes. 



And the best thing about the owl is that I had a super fun time making it. The beads inspired many hours of creativity and pure joy.

Feeling so very thankful and blessed.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!




5 thoughts on “earth owl and many blessings

  1. this is so cute! i like that it incorporates so many different stones. a very sweet gift turned into a creative keepsake.

  2. Oh, Trish, I’m so happy you liked your little package :-). Your owl is amazing! What a beautiful creation. I love his little beak! You just made my day, Trish, thank you so much.

  3. earth owl and i thank everyone for the love! <3
    i put him where i can see him all the time to remind me of all the blessings i’ve received. i’m so grateful for the kind words, encouragement and friendship from all of the blog visitors :)

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