shop update — the shrink plastic edition!

Shrink plastic is so much fun. I had long been thinking about making some stuff with it for my shop. Finally got around to it :D

I like drawing circles connected to one another. This particular shape reminds me of the abalone shells my grandparents gave me when I visited them in Hong Kong.


More necklaces. The one on the far left was a bit of an experiment of plastic fusing. According to the list of “Mind-shrinking Ideas” (that’s what it says on the package of shrink plastic I have), I can fuse layers of shrunk plastic together under higher temperature in the oven. The round shapes are actually circles from the hole punch. 

The middle one is a firefly that glows in the dark! :D And I’ve always been fascinated by seahorses.


More glow in the dark fireflies, asterisks, and abalones.


Had fun coming up with things to draw for the stud earrings :D Actually, as I’m looking at this picture I realize that all of these are my favourite things… let’s hope the shop visitors like them as much as I do. And the starfish glows in the dark too!

Alright, enough of this talk about glowing in the dark — wanna see them in action? :D

That’s the best my point-and-shoot camera can do for capturing images in the dark, but they really do glow! I was quite impressed. 

(I found out that the emission of light by a living organism is called bioluminescence — isn’t that such a cool word?)

Anyway. And then I thought it would be cool to make a plastic feather. Kind of like those leather feather earrings that I’ve seen a lot on craft blogs. But they turned out so much more beautiful than I thought because of the way the plastic twists and turns as it shrinks in the oven…

So I did what most craft sellers often do.

I kept it. For myself. 


The single earring goes with my haircut :D


But of course I made another set for the shop. Even added a glittery button stud earring to make a funky asymmetrical set! :D


I’m hoping that this will keep the shop full for a month or two before another school break. But I’ve got to say that I really, really, really enjoy the opportunity to make my favourite things without having to keep (and find place in the apartment for) all of it. And making a bit of money is always a bonus.


Have an awesome evening! :D



6 thoughts on “shop update — the shrink plastic edition!

  1. Those are beautiful!!! :)
    I LOVE the seahorse and the feather earrings :D As soon as I saw the feathers, I brought out my shink-plastic and made a set for myself–you are truly genius!
    Your haircut looks gorgeous as well! :)

    God Bless!

  2. if you look on the back of plastic food containers for the number — if it is a number (6) you can recycle the container, using it just like the shrink plastic :)

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