I haven’t bought a new crochet book in a couple of years, but when I saw Doris Chan’s new book I just had to get it! I was particularly attracted to this pattern.

It’s really an amazing book. I never knew how to join motifs as I crochet them. It’s actually easier than I thought once I got the hang of it.

I wore it with my new skirt to an art show that I spent the past two months coordinating :D Was too busy at the art show to take a phone, so Mike took a couple for me in front of a bush on our way home.



I actually used a cheap and cheerful large ball of worsted weight acrylic yarn. I ironed it on low heat under a wet towel afterwards and it made it a lot softer and drape a lot better.

Here’s a close-up…



Since my courses ended I’ve been crocheting a lot! I guess making up for the time when I wasn’t crocheting while being busy with papers. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


10 thoughts on “cornflower

  1. What a lovely sweater, looks great on you. I love the lacey pattern and the cornflower blue.

  2. Turned out awesome! My mom just bought me the same book last week! It is totally awesome! Hey, for another “join as you go” technique for motifs, you should look at Seamless Crochet by Kristin Omdahl. It totally blew my mind, too.

  3. Trish, I have to say I totally like your top, and the way it looks on you, better than the one in the book. Kudos to you!

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