this week’s awesome finds

 Bril­liant! I imag­ine there’s shred­ded coconut in the jar too so one could shake it and make it snow :D Snow globe cook­ie jar spot­ted on The Crafty Crow.


Last year we made a gra­nola nut mix for our fam­i­lies (we called it the “hap­py health squir­rel mix” :D I can’t remem­ber what recipe we used though). We did­n’t have time to do that again this year, but this looks deli­cious! Def­i­nite­ly sav­ing it for next year. From Make and Takes.


A pom pom wreath! Awe­some way to use up small bits of yarn and so very fes­tive. Spot­ted on Do Stuff.


Mag­i­cal acorn orna­ments from Lil Fish Stu­dios. They make great pen­dants too I think!


Tem­plates for paper stars on Minieco. I love that they can be put over string lights.


 Love how quaint these tiny San­tas are. Fol­low the link on How About Orange for the origa­mi diagram.


They made a brief appear­ance in my friend Nan­cy’s blog post on The Pick­led Her­ring, pos­ing with the beau­ti­ful and deli­cious Krumkake (check out the post if you want to learn to make krumkake!). And then Nan­cy point­ed out to me that they’re called Korknisse and there’s a pat­tern for them on Rav­el­ry by Manne!


Hap­py Christ­mas craft­ing! :D







2 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Well, these are all very awe­some finds, but the korknisse take the cake, ha! I’ve been mak­ing one after anoth­er; they’re so cute, I can’t stop! Knew you could­n’t resist, either :-). 

    Oh! I cro­cheted a Mar­cel the Shell With Shoes On, speak­ing of an “awe­some find” from the past!

  2. the korknisse are so cute!! and mar­cel!! so awe­some! i keep want­i­ng to cro­chet a mar­cel, but then there are so many oth­er things on my to-make list!

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