levitating into the holidays

winter levitate

It’s hard­er to take lev­i­tat­ing pho­tos these days now that it’s so cold out. It’s not so big a prob­lem for the per­son jump­ing because jump­ing repet­i­tive­ly helps one keep warm, but it’s prob­a­bly tor­tur­ous for the per­son tak­ing pho­tos, to be stand­ing still, hands exposed in the freez­ing air, tak­ing shot after shot. For­tu­nate­ly for us it was warm­ing up a bit last week, and the snow makes for a nice pic­ture. This pic­ture only took five jumps or so.

Have a hap­py Sunday!


2 thoughts on “levitating into the holidays

  1. I wish i lev­i­tat­ing with you won­der if old­er ones do it reminds me no ofense now when i watch movies from Japan korea even Chi­na wheisn there sav­ing the love of there lives i love the his­to­ry roman­tic ones oops thanx hap­py many years sor­ry just got swayed away with your lev­i­tat­ing renee

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