this week’s awesome finds

Impres­sive cat blan­ket! From As Receitas de Croche.



I love Celtic knots. Bracelet by Jen­nifer E. Ryan on Rav­el­ry.


A giant Loch Ness mon­ster stuffed toy! I want one too. Pat­tern from We Lived Hap­pi­ly Ever After.


Can’t wait to give this a try, looks doable and so deli­cious. Mush­room (and bacon!) ragout recipe by Mel­maria.


Not sure what an Adi­pose is, but he’s cute. Adi­pose plush pat­tern on Tuts+.


How awe­some are these pom pom straw­ber­ries? From Mr. Print­a­bles (there’re instruc­tions for mak­ing kiwis and water­mel­ons and oth­er fruits too!)


A beau­ti­ful ren­di­tion of the Foliage Wrap on Rav­el­ry.


Japan­ese Quince flow­ers from Attic 24. It reminds me that the trees will bloom again, very soon!


More spring flow­ers. I think this granny square will make a love­ly coast­er. From Bigu Hand­made.


Rev­oluzzzionary Mon­ster, love it’s lit­tle heart and lit­tle arms. Pat­tern by Suse Rev­oluz­za on Cut Out and Keep.


The bun­ny is so marsh­mal­lowy, and with a scarf *squeal* From the Giv­ing Bun­ny Project by Stitch Punk, a very neat idea. I love the idea of leav­ing bun­nies in pub­lic places for peo­ple to find. I would just wor­ry that the bun­nies I make would get thrown out or rained on, or even stepped on, that would be real­ly sad. Maybe I can make a few for peo­ple I know.


Have a hap­py week! :D












8 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Okay that’s a LOT of cute in that post. But I can’t decide if I need the bun­nies or the Loch Ness Mon­ster first!

  2. Oomg- there a Dr. who episode about adi­pos­es!!! They are like fat tis­sues– hahaha !

  3. i looked them up and in the episode they’re kind of creepy look­ing… i like the fuzzy plush ver­sion better.

  4. oh oh! I looked at the google map on the giv­ing bun­ny site, and saw that some­one found a bun­ny at one of the soft­ball parks (or maybe at the school next to it?) in north york! :D

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