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I was hoping to make a cozy sweater for the winter, kind of worried for a while that I wouldn’t have this done before it’s too warm to wear it. But this morning was a breezy ‑27 ℃. So I still got to wear it in the middle of March!

Working on this sweater kept me steady for the past month. Something to look forward to at the end of the day, even if I just got to knit a few rows before going to bed.

I followed this pattern, but used moss stitch throughout instead of the garter stitch in the pattern. Although garter stitch would look nice too, I might make another sweater with it. I also used worsted instead chunky weight yarn and 7mm needles instead of 10mm, so my sweater turned out quite a bit smaller than what it’s supposed to, but it fits.

Have a happy Friday!


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  1. Hi Trish!

    I love your sweater, it looks great on you! I love it so much that I’ve had it bookmarked since you posted this, and I’m finally embarking on a shameless copy of this. However, could you advise a little on the making?
    ‑I’m terribly confused about moss stitch vs. seed stitch and since you’re in Canada, not sure which terminology you use — I just like the way your stitches turned out. Is it k2p2(2 rows) p2k2(2 rows)?
    ‑Also I’m going to boldly assume you knit this in the round, in which case, does the pattern change for flat vs. round?
    ‑One last question, any advice on cast on methods? I’m wondering if some kind of stretchy CO for the collar would be best.

    Thanks very much if you can give me any advice!

  2. hi laura! i’m glad you like the moss stitch for this sweater too! 

    i thought moss st and seed st are the same… but i could be wrong :S what i did was k1p1 for one row and then reverse for the following row, so where there is a knit stitch i would purl, and vice versa. 

    i knitted every piece flat and then seamed them together — i’m not good at knitting in the round.

    i usually use long tail cast on, which is a bit stretchy, and the sweater is knitted from the bottom up. the collar is made by picking up stitches around the neckline and then doing a k1p1 ribbing, and then binding off loosely using a method that i usually use (, but there are methods that produce stretchier edges (

    hope this helps! happy knitting! :D

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