springtime raglan


Prob­a­bly nice for fall or win­ter too :D And with this cool sum­mer weath­er we are hav­ing, I was actu­al­ly wear­ing it the evening I fin­ished sewing it all together.

Real­ly like those raglan shirts/sweaters with con­trast­ing lace sleeves that I’ve been see­ing on peo­ple late­ly. Have a lot of white yarn left after mak­ing this shawl, so I thought I’d try mak­ing some­thing up.

Here’s a clos­er look at it :)

springtime (2)


I drew kind of a stitch dia­gram as I went along, but not sure if I’m capa­ble to trans­lat­ing it into words… will def­i­nite­ly share if I do come up with a pattern.

Hope you have a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “springtime raglan

  1. i love your Jobs, espe­cial­ly this one… Have you got a pat­tern of it??? pls…


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