end of summer in black & white

Not that I feel par­tic­u­lar­ly sad about the end of sum­mer. I’ve had lots of fun this sum­mer, but I’m sure there will be good times in the fall and win­ter too. There’s just some­thing time­less about black and white pho­tographs, cap­tur­ing those every­day moments that are cherished.


We vis­it the Dis­tillery Dis­trict at least once every sum­mer. Took this pic­ture while mar­veling at the gas lamps lit up at dusk.

indie ale

We got to enjoy some craft beer and lengthy con­ver­sa­tions at the Indie Ale House with our good friends, whose chil­dren were camp­ing out at their grand­par­ents’ for the week. I think this was the first time we got to do this in 10 years :P I’m by no means a con­nois­seur of beer, I most­ly order based on the names of the beer (I’m a suck­er for interesting/pretty prod­uct names, I think I’ve men­tioned this before…). So here I was hav­ing a “Rab­bit of Caer­bannog”, which I lat­er found out was “an immense­ly cute but blood­thirsty rab­bit-like mon­ster found in Mon­ty Python and the Holy Grail,” accord­ing to Vil­lians Wikia.

epic shark

A majes­tic shark at the aquar­i­um. I’m quite proud of this one.

knit knit knit

Not that the sum­mer would stop me from cro­chet­ing or knit­ting, but I’m excit­ed about mak­ing cozi­er things when the weath­er is cool­er, and my hol­i­day craft­ing list, the plushy scarves and mit­tens I’m going to make new wool, and this! I’m exper­i­ment­ing with mak­ing a pat­tern and can’t wait to find out whether it will work out, and I will sure­ly share with you if it does!

And last but not least, I present to you — jel­ly­fish mag­ic at the aquarium.

The jel­ly­fish were lit up with kind of a strange pink light (I guess oth­er­wise they’d be dif­fi­cult to see since they’re translu­cent), which my phone cam­era could­n’t cap­ture very well, so I fig­ure I’d just put a black and white fil­ter on it in Insta­gram. I think it kind of cre­ates a feel­ing of being in the deep, dark sea. And it’s just so ele­gant the way jel­ly­fish move in water.

Cheers to a fab­u­lous sum­mer, and many more sum­mers to come!



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