Photo 2016-01-06, 6 04 25 PM

Painted some pet rocks one day. Magical sparkly cats! :D

The white one lives on my desk at work now, gifted the yellow one to my desk neighbour. Going to pick up more rocks from the beach when the weather gets warmer, and paint more cats :D

Also, finally visited the very first cat cafe in Toronto!

Photo 2015-12-15, 2 07 12 PM

As expected, the cats are mostly sleeping when we visited. But it’s still nice to hang out :)

Photo 2015-12-15, 1 54 18 PM

Photo 2015-12-15, 2 04 53 PM

The Cat Cafe takes in cats from the Humane Society, and the cats can be adopted. These two are best buds and must be adopted together :)

In other news, I bought some reindeer moss the other day and made some terrarium necklaces for the shop. I thought they looked pretty nice. This one had some agate chips and lavender in it.

Photo 2016-01-17, 5 55 52 PM

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! :D



4 thoughts on “caturday

  1. your cat rocks are so lovely…the Cat Cafe in Vancouver closed for a few days as all of the cats were adopted-such a wonderful venue for adoption…

  2. Ces galets peints sont superbes! J’adore les chats, nous en avons 2 à la maison.Vos photos sont trés belles.Amicales pensées de France. Claudine.

  3. hey that’s great! love to hear when animals find new loving homes :) and that cat cafes are sprouting up everywhere! :D

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