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I made this fun blanket for a dear friend who’s having a baby. I thought it could serve as a warm blanket for the stroller and carrides, and maybe also as a floor blanket to roll around on. It also works as a cozy lap blanket for mom! :D

With the bulky yarn and giant hook, it’s a pretty quick project. The finished size is about 26“x30”.

What I used:
Bernat Blanket, 1 ball of “sand” and 1 ball of “taupe” (I had quite a lot of taupe left, probably enough to make 2 pairs of the slippers in this post)
Light yellow yarn for butter pat (I happen to have a chenille texture yarn that I got from the dollar store once, but any yellow yarn would do)
15 mm hook (for toast)
Appropriate size hook for butter pat (depending on the yarn you’re using)
6 mm hook (for facial details)
Tapestry needle

What I did:

With “sand” colour yarn, ch 31.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch across, turn (30 sc).

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count as sc), sc in each sc across, turn.

Repeat row 2 until piece is about 22″ from beginning.

Bread top shaping:

Row 1: ch 1, 2 sc tog, sc in each sc across until 2 sc left in row, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 2: repeat row 1 of bread top shaping.

Row 3: ch 1, 2 sc tog, sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 4: ch 1, 2 sc tog twice, sc in each sc until 4 sc left in row, 2 sc tog twice, turn.

Row 5: ch 1, skip first sc, sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 6: ch 1, skip first sc, 3 sc tog, fasten off, weave in ends.

Attach yarn to middle of bread top shaping at row 3, repeat rows 3–6 for the other side of bread top.


Attached “taupe” colour yarn to any stitch at the bottom edge of toast, ch 1 (does not count as sc), sc around toast evenly (1 sc in each sc at bottom edge and bread top, 1 sc in each row-end on the sides, making 2 sc in each corner, and making 3 sc tog in the middle of bread top where it dips in), sl st in first sc to finish round.

Crochet 2 more times around toast, fasten off, weave in ends.

Eyes (make 2, or more, to make a multi-eyed monster toast):

With “taupe”, 10 hdc in magic ring, sl st in first hdc to complete round, fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.


With “taupe” and 6 mm hook, ch 9, fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Butter pat:

Crochet a rectangle about 3“x4”. Number of stitches and rows will depend on the yarn you use. When fastening off, leave a long tail for sewing.


Sew eyes, smile and butter pat onto toast with tapestry needle. When sewing on butter pat, I tucked in bits of the bottom edge so it looks like it’s melting.

And here’s Mr. Toast relaxing before going to his new home :)

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Stay toasty, everyone! :D

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  1. That is the most darling thing I’ve seen in a very long time. I wish I had imagined this pattern or seen it 6 years ago. I have a little niece (now 8) but when she was about 2 she LOVED LOVED LOVED toast and this would have made her very happy. Perhaps its not too late.

    Thanks for sharing your cute pattern with us!

  2. you’re welcome Aleta! perhaps your niece still has a little fondness for toast, especially one that is giant and smiling and handmade by her aunt :)

  3. Is it possible to enlarge the pattern with regular yarn for a throw size? I love toast and would love to make one for myself. Maybe twice the size. I’m new at crochet so any help at all would be appreciated. I could actually do this as therapy as I am a disabled veteran.

  4. Hi Susan, thank you for your interest in my pattern! You can probably enlarge most of the toast pretty easily, just crochet a foundation chain as wide as you like, then dc in each stitch until desired length. It would be difficult to adjust the pattern to shape the bread top though, I’m not able to create a pattern for that without actually trying to crochet it, and I probably won’t be able to do that any time soon… may I suggest making a square piece of toast? That way, you can just crochet a square as large as you like, then crochet a border with brown yarn, and add the smile and butter pat. Hope this helps!

  5. I made one for my new granddaughter and I’m going to make another one, only larger, for on the couch! I just round the top off like the pattern says, I just do more rows. I am in love with this pattern!

  6. Hi Lyssa, I’m not able to make a knitting pattern for the toast blanket at this point, because I’m not that great at knitting. There is this lovely blanket by Purl Soho, it uses super bulky yarn and has an edge, so you can use toast colours to make it look like a piece of toast. You can even modify the pattern to round off the top to make it bread-shaped if you’re familiar with shaping with knitting. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Maria Teresa, thanks so much for visiting my blog and I’m glad you like the toast blanket. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills or means to translate the pattern into Spanish at this time. So sorry about that!

  8. Perfect pattern for my brother for Christmas gift. It will bring back so many childhood memories. xD

  9. Looove this adorable pattern and can’t wait to make it! Question…you said you used a 15mm crochet hook. When I look on the Internet for the correlating “Letter” hook it says I can use a “P” or a “Q”. I have both so which one did you use for the blanket toast part? TIA

  10. Hi Debbie, thanks for giving my pattern a try! I did a quick check and according to Lion Brand Yarn, 15mm hook is size Q. Happy crocheting!

  11. Thanks for getting back to me. Too funny because I started with a P hook and did a couple rows. Decided to switch to a Q and started over. Can’t wait to finish. Thanks for sharing your pattern 

  12. Hi Trish! So I’m done my blanket but I’m having a hard time sewing on the eyes and mouth. How did you do it? I tried using the long tail but when I do the mouth you can see the dark brown weaved through the tan yarn. Any suggestions? TIA 

  13. Hi Debbie, what is the stitch you’re using to sew on the mouth? I just use a straight stitch ( and the needle only ever goes in and out through the brown part, so it doesn’t show on the tan part at all. but do you mean the brown is showing on the back of the blanket? If so, I think that’s inevitable. glad to hear it’s almost done! :D

  14. Okay got it. I was using my loooong tail to go beyond the dark brown into the tan. Thanks, I will try that method.

  15. I made this in a larger size. I doubled the chain to 60 stitches. It took about 2.5 balls of the sand colored yarn and maybe .5 of the taupe. It turned out really cute!

  16. Thanks for visiting Jackie! I don’t usually make videos, hope the written pattern is sufficient! If you have any questions or need clarifications about the pattern, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help!

  17. Awe. Okie. I’m going to be it a try :)
    Thank you so much! Looking forward making this cute blanket

  18. Adorable blanket ❤️. Is the pattern written using USA or UK stitch instructions? Thank you 

  19. This blanket is so cute! I’ve had this on my Pinterest for ages and was hoping I could find the pattern, so I just searched and found your page. I can’t wait to make it for my sister-in-law, who loves bread and all things carbs!

  20. I love this! I’m making it now, but you should come up with a pattern for a strip of bacon and an egg too lol 

  21. What size hook did you use for the toast? When you say giant hook do you mean like a 10mm, or one of those actual huge bamboo hooks they sell at Michaels?

  22. Thanks for visiting, Airi! The hook sizes used in this blanket is listed under “what I used” in the post — 15 mm hook for the blanket, and 6 mm hook for crocheting the eyes and smile.

  23. I am a crochet beginner. Saw your pattern and HAD To try it!!! Not too shabby for a first timer! ❤☺️Thanks for sharing 

  24. Hi! I am pretty experiences with crocheted and patterns, etc. For some reason I absolutely cannot get the top of my toast to look right. It either bunches up or my crust tops are more like peaks. Lol. Any advice? I’m using the correct hook size, etc and am dying to make this.

  25. hmmm… I’m really not sure why it bunches up! So sorry to hear that this is happening! Maybe it has to do with tension? I’m really not sure what can help without being able to see/feel the piece. So sorry! Hope it works out eventually!

  26. The (2 sc tog) is that just a normal decrease? One decrease or two decreases o guess is what I’m asking

  27. hello! thank you for visiting! the blanket may be made in larger size by adding more stitches in the foundation chain and more rows as you crochet along, but there would be quite a bit of modifications at the top, and I haven’t had the chance to figure that out yet. I think some folks on Ravelry might have done it and shared tips, so perhaps checking out the Ravelry project pages for the toasty blanket would help! happy crocheting!

  28. I made an adult version for a friend of mine! I can’t remembee the exact measurements but i believe i used 3 balls of yarn for the main toast then less than 1 for the crust. I want to say i doubled the chain to begin and then for the top i did everything the same just doubled if that makes sense. It may have been double plus half. It was pretty big!

  29. Thanks so much for sharing this cute pattern! I just made one using regular yarn, Red Heart beige and cafe latte. Used K hook so maybe a bit too stretchy. Will try smaller hook next time. 36 by 40 inches. Didn’t do a butter pat but still pretty cute. Made it to donate to a hospital that gives lap blankets to patients in hospice care.

  30. hi Shelly! that’s so awesome! thanks so much for giving the pattern a try and donating it too — thank you for spreading joy! best wishes for the new year!

  31. I just made my 3rd one! This one is a grape jelly one and it’s for my.… *ahem* GREAT granddaughter due in October!!! Thank you for this AWESOME pattern!!!

  32. Wow! I’m so happy you like the pattern! grape jelly is an excellent idea! :D Congrats on the new addition to your family!

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