intriguing trivets

Photo 2016-02-16, 6 04 32 PM

This is prob­a­bly one of the most com­pli­cat­ed pat­terns I’ve ever worked on. I think it turned out fab­u­lous­ly! :D

It’s made fol­low­ing the mint cof­fee man­dala pat­tern on Rav­el­ry. Through this pat­tern I learned to use a nee­dle join method to fin­ish off each round, instead of using a slip stitch, which cre­ates a mag­i­cal­ly seam­less joint! :D Can’t believe I’ve nev­er tried that before.

It’s also very med­i­ta­tive to make. Had to real­ly pay atten­tion to the pat­tern and stitch count, which leaves less room for the thoughts to wan­der. I hap­pened to have the same colours that the pat­tern used, oth­er­wise I think I would have got­ten real­ly confused. I just end­ed up with a lot of ends to weave in, which is also quite a med­i­ta­tive exercise.

Photo 2016-02-16, 6 00 38 PM

After some prac­tice I tried switch­ing up the colours to make two coast­ers to go with the trivet.

Photo 2016-02-19, 12 46 47 PM

Made them as a wed­ding gift actu­al­ly :D I think it would also make a real­ly nice wall-hanging.

Wish­ing every­one a won­der­ful weekend!


8 thoughts on “intriguing trivets

  1. Félicitations, c’est un superbe tra­vail, le ren­du est mag­nifique, les couleurs très belles. Bravo.

  2. They’re gor­geous. I’d buy a set if you put them in your shop. By the way, may I have a link to your Etsy shop?

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