going places

If I were to give this shawl a name I would name it “going places”. Because of the repeat­ed arrow pattern.

It is a loom knit­ted project, for a gift. I used a 41-peg loom (largest of the set), and fol­lowed this pat­tern for “woven her­ring­bone stitch”, but I replaced all the yarn-overs with purl stitch­es, because the yarn-overs just came out way too loose with the gauge of my loom.

(But you know what, the oth­er night I had a dream that I got a new fin­er gauge loom that works per­fect­ly with worsted weight yarn. Yes, very spe­cif­ic dream. So maybe it’s a sign. We’ll see. Any­way, I digress.)

It’s actu­al­ly a real­ly easy k2 p2 pat­tern repeat with just dif­fer­ent num­ber of knit stitch­es at the start of each row to cre­ate the her­ring­bone pat­tern. Per­fect for knit­ting while TV-watch­ing, but not boring.

The yarn I used was Loops & Threads Barcelona. It’s quite soft, the colour tran­si­tions are fun to knit with, and the weight works well with the gauge of my loom, plus it was on mas­sive sale at Michaels.

The pat­tern is worked over mul­ti­ples of 4 stitch­es, so I knit­ted this over 40 pegs, until it reached 46″. Basi­cal­ly until I ran out of yarn, which is one skein and a bit more (left­over from anoth­er skein). With the reg­u­lar bind-off method it real­ly puck­ered, so I used a stretchy bind-off method. If I were to make it again I would def­i­nite­ly make it longer. I did win at yarn chick­en on this one though, so no complaints!

It was even long enough to work as a squishy scarf :D

Per­haps you’d give this a try? Let me know if you do! :D

Whether you use nee­dles, hooks or looms, have a hap­py craft­ing week!


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  1. La per­son­ne qui recevra ce très beau châle en cadeau a bien de la chance, il est superbe.

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