fab kimono

A quick kimono style cardigan/shrug I pulled togeth­er to wear to my cous­in’s wed­ding this week­end :) Can’t come up with a more poet­ic name, but thought it looks pret­ty fab (if I do say so myself), so fab kimono it is :D

I had quite a bit of left­over Red Heart Unfor­get­table after mak­ing a scarf as a gift, so I bought anoth­er skein to make this. It’s cropped length because I was going to wear this long black dress and want­ed some con­trasts in style. But it’s easy to make longer if you’d like.

It’s cro­cheted from side to side, mak­ing both front and back pieces at the same time (so there’s no seam­ing in the mid­dle!). It is then fold­ed in half with just 2 short sides to seam at the end.

With autumn in the air I think this is a good lay­er­ing piece for wear­ing with sum­mer dress, t‑shirt, long sleeve shirt, or even but­toned up col­lared shirt.


Length (shoul­der to low­er edge) — 17″

Around — 60″


16 st = 4.5″

I used:

3 skeins of Red Heart Unfor­get­table in Dragonfly

6.5 mm hook

Tapes­try needle

Small­er hook to weave in ends with


Left front/back:

Row 1: fdc 126 (see instruc­tion for foun­da­tion dou­ble cro­chet or fdc here)

To increase length, add 16 fdc for every 4.5″.

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), dc in next 5 dc, ch 2, sk 2 dc, *dc in next 6 dc, ch 2, sk 2 dc* repeat from * to * to end, dc in last 6 dc. 

Repeat row 2 until piece mea­sures 15″ (approx. 26 rows).

Next row: dc in every dc and 2 dc in every 2 ch sp. 

Split right front:

Next row: ch 3, dc in next 62 dc, fdc 63 and leave the remain­ing dc from pre­vi­ous row unworked.

Repeat row 2 of left front/back until piece mea­sures 15″ from split. 

Last row: dc in every dc and 2 dc in every 2 ch sp. Fas­ten off.


Fold piece in half so that the split is per­pen­dic­u­lar to the fold line. The fold line will be the shoulders. 

Sew side seam togeth­er by attach­ing yarn at the low­er edge, match­ing stitch­es on front and back pieces, sew togeth­er the next 30 dc. Fas­ten off. Repeat on the oth­er side seam. Weave in ends.

Wear and be fabulous!


12 thoughts on “fab kimono

  1. It’s beau­ti­ful and I think the name fits it because I think it is FAB too. Thanks for shar­ing it with us.

  2. Très, très joli châle, la couleur est superbe et vous êtes resplendis­sante sur ces photos§

  3. Very nice you can even wear it with a pair of jeans got to go and look for yarn, Thank you for shar­ing the pattern.

  4. I’m very excit­ed to add this to my Rav­el­ry queue. It looks to be a great pat­tern for Christ­mas gifts and also for me! Thanks so much .

  5. I am hav­ing a a hard time fig­ur­ing out how to fold this! Can you help me, maybe?

  6. hi Veron­i­ca, thank you for giv­ing this pat­tern a try! when fold­ing it, just make sure that the split is in the mid­dle and it’s per­pen­dic­u­lar to the fold line. so the split becomes the front of the cardi­gan. i hope this makes sense? hap­py crafting!

  7. Love­ly kimono. I have a prob­lem after the split. I turned the left front/back and con­tin­ued with “next row” instruc­tions. How­ev­er the gar­ment comes out uneven and longer on one side. Did I make the wrong turn?

  8. Hi Lin­da, thank you for giv­ing the pat­tern a try. It does­n’t sound like you made a wrong turn, but per­haps there’s a mis­count in the fdc in the “next row” instruc­tion, caus­ing the one side to be longer than the oth­er? I can’t be sure with­out see­ing the gar­ment, so I hope this helps.

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