let it snow, let it snow…

Woke up to a white win­try world this morn­ing. The first great snow­fall this winter.

Despite the inevitable grey slush when it accu­mu­lates on the road and the sub­se­quent black ice when it par­tial­ly melts and then freezes overnight, I’m still a big fan of snow. It makes me hap­py to see it fall and twirl in the air, cov­er­ing every­thing in a blan­ket of pure, fresh, untaint­ed white (even just for a moment, before it turns into grey slush).

And so! It is also snow­ing here on gen­uine mud­pie. I was rather excit­ed when Word­Press told me that I could turn a switch and make it snow on my blog from now till Jan.4. How neat!

Though I’m not sure if it would be annoy­ing to be view­ing pic­tures and read­ing text with some white dots falling in front of them. Like try­ing to read the road signs in a snow storm. Or try­ing to dri­ve and watch the road in a bliz­zard :S So! Let me know what you think! For now I’ll keep the snow and see how I like it after a while.

Have a hap­py Monday!