let it snow, let it snow…

Woke up to a white wintry world this morning. The first great snowfall this winter.

Despite the inevitable grey slush when it accumulates on the road and the subsequent black ice when it partially melts and then freezes overnight, I’m still a big fan of snow. It makes me happy to see it fall and twirl in the air, covering everything in a blanket of pure, fresh, untainted white (even just for a moment, before it turns into grey slush).

And so! It is also snowing here on genuine mudpie. I was rather excited when WordPress told me that I could turn a switch and make it snow on my blog from now till Jan.4. How neat!

Though I’m not sure if it would be annoying to be viewing pictures and reading text with some white dots falling in front of them. Like trying to read the road signs in a snow storm. Or trying to drive and watch the road in a blizzard :S So! Let me know what you think! For now I’ll keep the snow and see how I like it after a while.

Have a happy Monday!

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