Summer plants

Our power went out the other day for several hours. So, no TV, and no computer. Trying to find something to do that doesn’t require electricity, I decided to replant our Christmas Cactus, which had been constricted in a tiny pot for the longest time.

And every time I use that old spoon to move dirt around I think to myself that it’s time to get some gardening tools. It takes forever to put enough dirt in the pot, one spoonful at a time. So, people digging their way to China with a spoon is definitely a myth…

And every time the power goes out I’m reminded of how much I’m dependent on electricity and how I should never take my unlimited access to electricity for granted. And I’m grateful for the temporary loss of power because otherwise I would never get around to replanting the Christmas cactus. There are always things to do on the computer or another episode of CSI I’ve never seen before (which is rare, but I do come across them once in a while).

The Christmas cactus is looking a bit droopy in the new pot at the moment, hopefully it will look better when it gets more settled in the new dirt.

Another activity that didn’t require electricity was sorting the wild flowers/plants that I picked over the weekend. I pressed them for the resin workshop I was taking this week.

I’m anxious to see how they turn out embedded in resin! I didn’t use all of them, just the daisies and a maple key and some foliage, but I’m saving the rest for other projects. At the workshop yesterday we poured resin into the molds and embedded bits of paper and other things in them, and now they have to dry for a few days, and then we’ll be back to attach jewelery findings to them on Friday. I will be sure to take pictures and let you how it goes!

Here’s a star-shaped flower I pressed, sparking in sunlight.

It’s been really, really, really hot these past few days. Apparently this kind of heat is going to continue throughout the summer… which I find a bit scary. I hope everyone is able to find ways to keep cool and stay well!