Chuck and Robin

Meet Chuck. He’s a sparrow.

He’s called Chuck because of the pattern on his chest, you see.

And now, let me introduce Robin.

Robin is a very friendly robin.

One day, Chuck and Robin ran into each other on their evening walk. (Here’s a worm’s eye view of their encounter…)

And they got into a long conversation about the best berry bushes in the neighbourhood. (Here’s a bird’s eye view of their conversation…)

They discovered that they have so much in common, they became BBF! (Best Bird Friends)

One LKF (Little known fact) about Chuck and Robin, is that they’re stuffed with this synthetic sponge material that I harvested from the packaging for a watch. The sponge material was made into a box shape originally, which I cut into bits.

I’m trying to avoid buying Polyester stuffing as much as possible, as I realize that there are lots of things around the house that can potentially be used as stuffing. I’ve been using the cotton balls that my parents used to sell in their convenient store over 10 years ago. What else could you use 10+ year-old cotton balls in an unsealed plastic bag for? They’re the perfect size for my small fridge magnets. And also the t‑shirts that are too old and ratty for donating. I also plan to shred those and stuff plushes with them.

Last but not least, I made Chuck and Robin following this pattern on Roman Sock. Check out all the cute critters on the blog! Especially the Ultimate Squirrel. I’d love to make an Ultimate Squirrel one day…

Have a happy Tuesday!

14 thoughts on “Chuck and Robin

  1. Things are looking better all the time on the blog Trish! I really enjoy reading it and keep trying to promote it in my reader. Just thought I would comment and say great work.

  2. I like your resourcefulness!

    btw, I discovered nice ideas for unwanted nail polish:

    1. “varnish” or decorate small wooden items (eg.IKEA frames)

    2. decorate and accent running shoes. I used silver-blue np yesterday to cover up a ghastly streak of green on my runners that I got on sale :)

    see ya!

  3. thanks dan! :D i’m happy to know that people are reading… sometimes i wonder if i’m just talking to myself most of the time… 

  4. I think you do great work too. I think that I like the birds more than the ” ultimate squirrel”.

  5. Every time I am amazed by your super-duper creativity =)
    Keep up the good work.

  6. the birds are SO FLUFFY!!! XD
    ultimate squirrel looks kinda aggressive though. like them york squirrels… looking forward to seeing it in real life though (crocheted ultimate squirrel, not york squirrel)! ^o^

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