weekend adventures

Went around with my Zumi on the weekend, and here are some of my favourite shots :D The one above is probably my favourite out of all the favourites. It’s a display of mannequins wearing dresses made out of toilet paper. I like how plastic the mannequin looks.

At the Knit Cafe: starry night and glowing orbs with a knitted planet.

Spinning as we go…

Yarrrrrn! Knitted pirates of the constellations.

EEEEvil Gargemel lurking the streets.

View from the streetcar.

Highlight of the night — a spinning, glowing lace car! (It’s called “Auto Lamp”. It’s not really a lace pattern, just patterns of circles of varying sizes. But it just reminds me of lace.) It lid up the streets with lace patterns on concrete walls all around. I tried to capture the play of  light/shadow on the walls on video, which I thought was equally interesting, if not more so, than the car itself. (yes, the Zumi takes videos! :D) It’s the first time I use the video mode, and I forgot to hit the record button, hence the chuckle.

Although perhaps one could say that the resulting shadows on the walls are also part of the work.

Which reminds me of this brilliant tutorial I saw a while ago on kootoyoo, with lace, jars, and LED lights!

I suppose one could make them spin too with a small motor underneath :D

Happy Monday!