So! The custom order I have been working on earlier this month has gone to its new home, so I can finally show you what they are! :D I’ll share some of our favourites here, but you can also see the full set on flickr.

Yes, it’s a full set of alphabet fridge magnets with crochet food items. Each magnet stands 1 — 1.5 inches tall (the bunch o’grapes is the only one who is too tall for its kind, but the rest accepted him anyway). Mike came up with the catchy team name “alphafood” :D

Trying to figure out how to incorporate the letters took a bit of experimenting. At first I tried to crochet the letters, which looked alright…

But then when I got to “B” I had a hard time stopping it from morphing into an “8”. So I tried cutting the letters out from felt. I didn’t think it would work so well because none of my small scissors are super sharp, but between my one pair of large but sharp fabric scissors and my small dull scissors it actually worked out really well with all the letters. And then I just tacked them on with fabric glue and secured them with some stitches.

See? Much better :D

There’s something about cutting letters out by hand that I find really soothing. I do that a lot with paper, and I’m happy to know that it works with felt too. Some of my favourites are the banana…

… and the strawberry.

The radish is Mike’s favourite.

And this is where the give peas a chance pattern comes from.

It was fun to come up with food items that are not too obscure and would translate well in crochet at the same time. While working on them we had some friends over and they seemed really excited about guessing what some food items were. I didn’t expect it could turn into such a fun guessing game…

Everyone took a while to figure out this one.

V is for vegetable soup!

One person got this one right away, I was pretty impressed!

U is for ugli fruit!

I thought people would have trouble with this one, but they guessed it right away.

Q is for quesadilla! (topped with a Q‑shaped dollop of sour cream! :D)

Another proud member of the Mexican cuisine that people took a while to guess. (It didn’t help when I tried to give a hint by telling the riddle: “what do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?”)

N is for nacho! (a triangular nacho chip, dipped in bits of salsa and nacho cheese! :D)

Besides Xigua, which is Chinese for watermelon, I couldn’t find a food that starts with the letter “X”, and watermelon has already signed up to represent letter “W”. I found a forum where people were discussing food items that start with specific letters for writing a children’s alphabet book, and someone suggested the Hershey’s Kiss for “X”. I thought it was a fine idea.


I hope the alphafoods will make it fun to learn the alphabets for the little boy who’s getting them! :D

Meet everyone on the alphafood team on Flickr! :D

Feel free to drop me a note through my Etsy shop or send me an email at genuinemudpie[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to chat about custom orders!

Have a sweet weekend everyone!

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  1. I just want to say thank you so much for them Trish.… the little boy that got them wont leave them alone he even turned the lid of the tin can you gave with it into his own veggie and fruit bowl! I cant say it again but thank you so much for doing this again for me… I love them so much. 


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