the unapologetic seagull

I went to an art therapy conference in Niagara Falls this weekend. In one of the workshops I attended, we were to create an animal to represent ourselves as an infant, adolescent, adult, and elder.

I most connected with the animal that represented what I hope to be as an elder. It was an unapologetic seagull. I suppose that image of the seagull came to mind because I came across many of these birds when I arrived in Niagara Falls.

Here is my Plasticine seagull, I took a picture of it when I got back to my hotel room. She’s rather small; her body is about the size of my thumb.


The wingspan…


The next day I attended a workshop about the art of practicing gratitude, in which I came across the quote: today I’m happier than a bird with a fry. So then later on when I contemplated what to put on the community mural (a large piece of canvas placed in the main area of the conference, everyone was invited to add to it) I immediately thought of the quote, and my unapologetic seagull. This was my contribution to the mural.


Later on Mike and I were walking along the falls and we saw a seagull standing on the railing, looking like he’s enjoying himself (or herself?) and not one bit concerned despite people getting close to it to take pictures of it. They do have a kind of dignified expression, don’t they?


Then after I came home I download the photos from the memory card, and realized that I captured an image of a seagull emerging from the mist of the Horseshoe Falls.


Never really paid much attention to seagulls before. But I quite like the idea of the unapologetic seagull. The exercise of creating an animal to represent different life stages is also an interesting way of reflecting on the past and envisioning the future. Perhaps an idea for an art project or journaling?

More art and photos to come!

Have a happy Tuesday! :D



4 thoughts on “the unapologetic seagull

  1. Awesome unexpected shot of the gull and the falls!

    My favorite character(s) in “Finding Nemo” were the seagulls. “Mine? Mine? Mine?” LOL

  2. the unapologetic seagull!!
    what a magical moment to capture, the bird in flight.
    also, what a magical birthday weekend to spent with great friends, classmates, art therapy, wax figures — talk about a bunch of unapologetic figures..

    I’ll be posting about the weekend also…stay tuned, genuine mudpie!!

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