super awesome week :D

Last week was the first week after school was done, I quickly filled it with trips to the craft/bead/fabric stores and a craft day with friends!

Found an acorn charm for 75¢ at the bead store :D It’s my new favourite necklace at the moment.


Then my friend and I went to the friendly fabric store down the street from the bead store, and African print cotton was on sale! Going to make more square blouses (like the blue one in this post).


Later in the week a friend came over to make uniforms for her floor hockey team. We made stencils out of transparency plastic (I happen to have stacks of them at home) and applied fabric paint on the t‑shirts with a cut-up kitchen sponge.


We printed 22 shirts! One set of navy blue and one set of white. They were lying on the couch drying…


And my friend brought over homemade macarons! :D They were so good… felt so completely spoiled!


A very pretty pink one with green tea filling :D


Have a great start to the week!