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I’ve been only post­ing about the 12 Days of Wood­land Crea­tures for the past month! But you know me, that would­n’t be the only project I’ve been work­ing on — here are some of the oth­er fun things that have been keep­ing my hands busy :D

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About a month ago I made a cou­ple of stool cov­ers for my awe­some friends as a wed­ding gift, fol­low­ing this pat­tern by We are Knit­ters. Yes! The loop stitch! It’s just so fun to make! But after mak­ing hun­dreds, pos­si­bly thou­sands of loop stitch­es to make the 2 cov­ers I think I will give it a rest for now… I think the cov­ers will also make nice padding for reg­u­lar chairs or extra floor seatings!

I also made these very cute (and very easy! Instant plush!) knit square rab­bits fol­low­ing this pat­ter from Lebenslustiger, for my niece and nephews to cel­e­brate the arrival of the new baby broth­er :D

square rabbits

They have white pom poms for tails.

square rabbits 2

One day I went out to gath­er the last few dan­de­lion­s and filled a few small bot­tles with the seeds.


As you can see I’ve attached a head pin to the cork — they turned into neck­laces and are now in my friend’s shop, amongst oth­er things…

new shopThat’s right! I’ve joined my friend Jes­si­ca’s shop again this month :D It’s a shop in down­town Toron­to that rents out spaces to local artists/artisans. Please vis­it if you’re in the neigh­bour­hood :D You might rec­og­nize some of the pins that I made ear­li­er (see bet­ter pic­tures of them in this post) for an out­door craft show (which was unfor­tu­nate­ly can­celled due to bad weath­er), and the hedge­hogs and owls!

AND! As you may have noticed on the right side­bar of this blog I’ve also reopened my Etsy shop. I took a break from both the phys­i­cal shop and the Etsy shop last year because of a very packed sched­ule of school and work. But since I’ve grad­u­at­ed (yay!) I’ve got more time on my hands :D

So one item I recent­ly list­ed — and I’m quite proud of it — is the BYOBLT stack­able mag­net set!

BYOBLTMike designed the pack­ag­ing for it — isn’t it so pro­fes­sion­al-look­ing? Here it is in action!


And because the bacon was a lot of fun to make, I made a few smil­ing bacon mag­nets for the phys­i­cal shop as well (plus some very fes­tive can­dy corns for the sea­son!). Maybe I will list them on Etsy too.


I have def­i­nite­ly been enjoy­ing more time to craft and be creative!

Wish­ing you a won­der­ful Fri­day and weekend!


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  1. So glad to see you are back on etsy and in store Trish! Proud of you!

    And the kids LOVE the bun­nies, by the way. They reg­u­lar­ly get car­ried about and argued over (Bruce’s rain­bow rab­bit is the reign­ing favourite). Thanks again!

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