A dress pattern! :D

A variation of ginkgo the square top. Inspired by a dress I saw at American Apparel, which was half lace and half satin kind of material. And I thought (as I usually do when I see anything I like at the stores), “I could make that.”

I’m not a fun person to go shopping with, that’s for sure. Anyway. On to the pattern!

Here’s the back of it, and a closer look at the crochet pattern.


Below is the written pattern for crocheting the top part of the dress. I will then explain how to make and attach the skirt part of the dress. Please forgive my lack of photos in that part (>_<)… I tried to draw diagrams to explain some of the steps, hope they help!

Finished size: bust 32″, waist 26″, length 16″, with a bit of negative ease.
To create larger sizes, I’d suggest using a heavier cotton and a larger hook, i.e. DK/sport (3.5mm hook); worsted (5mm hook).

For the top, I used:
#10 cotton thread
2.5mm hook

For the skirt, I used:
1/2 yard sheer fabric
1/2 yard white polyester satin
(the amount of fabric required may vary; it depends on the size of the top and how full you want your skirt to be. See the Skirt section below)


Top (make 2) 

Stitch pattern:
Fan = [dc, 2ch, dc, 2ch, dc] in same space

ch 96

Row 1: ch 3, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc across, turn.

Row 2 (set up row): ch 5, dc in 1st dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc, [skip next 2 dc, fan in next dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc] to end, [dc, ch 2, dc] in turning ch, turn.

Row 3 (pattern row 1): ch 3, skip first dc, fan in dc between fans, [dc in 2nd dc of next fan, fan in next dc between fans] to end, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn.

Row 4 (pattern row 2): ch 5, ch in 1st dc, dc in 2nd dc of next fan, [fan in next dc between fans, dc in 2nd dc of next fan] to end, [dc, ch 2, dc] in turning ch, turn.

Rows 5–6: work pattern rows 1 & 2 once more.

Row 7: work pattern row 1.

Row 8 (increase row): ch 3, dc in 1st dc, ch 1, dc in same dc, dc in 2nd dc of next fan, work in pattern until turning ch, [dc, ch 1, 2 dc] in turning ch, turn.

Row 9 (increase row): ch 4, dc in next dc, skip next dc, fan in next dc, work in pattern to last dc between fans, fan in last dc between fans, dc in 2nd last dc before turning ch, ch 1, dc in turning ch, turn.

Row 10: ch 3, fan in next dc, dc in 2nd dc of next fan, work in pattern to 2nd last dc of row, fan in 2nd last dc of row, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn.

Rows 11–16: work pattern rows 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1.

Rows 17–19: repeat rows 8–10.

Rows 20–30: work in pattern. End with row 2.

Armhole shaping:

Row 31: ch 1, sl st in 1st dc, next ch 2 space, next 3 dc, next ch 2 sp, and next dc. ch 3, fan in next dc between fans, work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of 2nd last fan, leave remaining st unworked, turned.

Row 32: ch 3, dc in 2nd dc of 1st fan, work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of last fan, dc in turning ch, turn.

Row 33: ch 5, dc in 1st dc, dc in 2nd dc of 1st fan, work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of last fan, [dc, ch 2, dc] in turning ch, turn.

Row 34–36: work pattern rows 1, 2, and 1.

Neckline shaping — right:

Row 37: work in pattern to the 5th fan of the row, dc in 2nd dc of the 5th fan, dc in next dc between fans, turn.

Row 38: ch 3, dc in 2nd dc of 1st fan, work in pattern to end.

Row 39: work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of last fan, dc in turning ch, turn.

Row 40: ch 5, dc in 1st dc, dc in 2nd dc of 1st fan, work in pattern to end.

Row 41 — 51: work in pattern.

Row 52: ch 1, sc in 1st dc, [sc in 2 ch sp, sc in next dc, sc in 2 ch sp, sc in dc between fans] until last dc, skip last dc, sc in turning ch, sc in 3rd ch of turning ch. Fasten off.

Neckline shaping — left:

Row 37: counting from the left edge, attach yarn to the dc between the 5th and 6th fans. 

Row 38: work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of last fan, dc in turning ch, turn.

Row 39: ch 3, dc in 2nd dc of 1st fan, work in pattern to end, turn.

Row 40: work in pattern until last fan, dc in 2nd dc of last fan, [dc, ch 2, dc] in turning ch, turn.

Rows 41–51: work in pattern.

Row 52: ch 1, sc in 1st dc, sc in ch 2 sp, [sc in dc between fans, sc in ch 2 sp, sc in dc, sc in ch 2 sp] until turning ch, sc in turning ch. Fasten off.



With right sides together, sew shoulder and side seams together.

Turn top right side out. Work a round of sc evenly along neckline and armholes. Generally, sc in each dc, and sc in each ch 2 sp; when crocheting into the ends of the row, 2 sc in each row.

Work 1 dc in each dc around the bottom edge of the top.


Skirt — fabric measurement

Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric, one piece for the top layer of skirt, one piece for the skirt lining.

Width for both pieces = 1.5 times the circumference of the crocheted top’s bottom edge.

Measure length of the fabric as desired for the top layer of skirt. Minus 1″ from the length for the skirt lining.

*Add 1/2″ seam allowance to all sides of both pieces of fabric.

Skirt — sewing

For the top layer of skirt, with wrong side facing, fold fabric in half width-wise, so that the short sides are together. Sew the short edges together, so it forms a tube.

Repeat for the skirt lining. Now we have two fabric tubes.

With the wrong side facing on both fabric tubes, place the top layer of skirt inside the skirt lining. Matching top edge and using large stitches, hand or machine sew the top edges together. Don’t back stitch. As shown in the diagram below: the skirt lining is the shorter tube on the outside, the top layer of skirt is inside out inside the skirt lining, and the orange lines are stitches.

Gather the skirt evenly along the seam just sewed by lining it up with the crocheted top, as follows:

With right sides together, line up the top edge of the skirt with the bottom of the crocheted top (the crocheted top will be upside down inside the skirt tubes). Once the skirt is gathered enough so that the top edge of the skirt matches the bottom edge of the crocheted top, pin top to skirt along the the first dc row of the crochet top. Machine sew along the top of the first dc row. The diagram below shows the position of the top inside the skirt tubes in dotted lines, and the orange seam line.


Finally, hem skirt and skirt lining.

And we’re done! :D


Feel free to drop me a note if you have questions or need clarification!

Have an awesome day!




yay giveaway! :D

I thought I’d share a few of the paintings I created in my square-a-day project (see background story here), to celebrate the fact that I actually completed it, and to thank everyone one for traveling with me and encouraging me on this journey of rediscovering the joy of paint! :D

Before I explain the details of the giveaway (first ever! :D) Here’s another look at all the squares I have, painted between July 6 and August 4 (you can click on it to see a larger image).


I’m giving away four sets of three paintings. I tried to group them by themes.


Day at the farm




Curious naturalist




Each is roughly 4″ x 4″, acrylic paint on canvas.

I think they’d look nice framed individually in smaller frames, or together in a long frame like this one. Or, a couple of visitors have suggested that they can be sewn onto bags or other sewing projects, like patches :D I think that’s awesome idea, as long as the item on which they are sewn won’t need to be washed very much. I’ve ironed them to fix the colours, so I think it would be okay to spray them with some water and wipe them clean. 

If you’d like to give some of my paintings a good home, please leave a comment on this post. Four names will be drawn randomly a week from now, on Sunday, August 19 at midnight (EST). The four people will be contacted by email the following morning :D

Edit: I realized that I forgot to clarify one thing: the randomize draw mechanism will draw four names, the first name being drawn will receive Day at the Farm, the second name will receive Origami, the third name will receive Curious Naturalist, and the fourth name will receive Abstractionist. Basically, the order that the names are drawn will coincide with the order that the painting sets are listed. Sorry that I forgot to make that clear earlier!  

Thank you so much for visiting, and for all of your kind words and support!

Have a great week, everyone! :D




square-a-day: the last leg!

Day 25, portal.


Day 26, hope floats.


Day 27, legend of the shrimpanzee — half shrimp, half chimp, all sea monster! “rawr, get out of my lagoon!” *bats at rocks* Inspired by these awesome paintings.


Day 28, seaweed nest and pearls of wisdom.


Day 29, shrooms. Was writing a guest post that day and I mentioned mushrooms at the foot of a tree.


Day 30, over a field of poppies. I painted this at my parents’, as I was spending the weekend there. I brought my most used brushes and used the paints from my sister’s old paint-by-number kit. 

Hurray! Project complete! :D


Here’s how they look altogether. I’ve been hanging one up everyday on a string, like a bunting. (Please excuse the cluttered background. Our apartment comes with a mirror-covered wall and we put all sorts of posters on it.) You can click on the photo to see a larger image.


Kind of hard to believe that I actually stuck with it, painted a square a day for 30 days. It was a lot of fun. Often I just painted whatever came to mind but sometimes it offered such a great opportunity to work through the thoughts and feelings that were bothering me.

Also, I didn’t mentioned that all of the paintings, except the 30th one, were done with dollar store paint! Not the greatest quality, but does a good job actually. 

I’m going to have to take better pictures of them. The Instagram ones are fun but some of the colours and details don’t show up very well. And then I’m going to have a first ever genuine mudpie giveaway! :D To thank everyone for travelling with me on this journey of rediscovering the joy of painting. Still have to figure out the logistics of it, but will post details soon! 

I’ll definitely do this again, maybe a square a week or something. But for now I’m going to finish the pattern I’ve been working on (eeep!) and a mystery project! With mystery posts! Stay tuned! :D


Wishing you a fun-filled day!


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this week’s awesome finds

Adding jello powder to cookie dough, brilliant! Recipe from I Heart Nap Time


Aren’t these the cleverest? Not sure where the original post was though. Spotted on Pinterest.


Very stylish shirt skirt by Ninth & Bird.


The cutest Christmas stockings, pattern from Le monde de Sucrette.


Going to give this a try. Tie a turban style headband by Strawberry Koi.


Looks so cozy. Maybe I can modify the pattern to make it fit me. Crochet jacket from Drops Design.


Beach day! Sew a simple dress, from Martha Stewart Living.


Intriguing! Made by melting translucent pony beads in the oven. Looks like it would make nice necklace pendants. From The Artful Parent.


Love the swirly colours in these votive holders. From Creme de la Craft.


This is so awesome! I wonder where I can find small bottles like this… From Transient Expression.


A very very cute needle threader, by Wild Olive.


Have a great start to the week, everyone! :D



guest blogging :D

This is the first time I’m guest blogging so this is very exciting — so grateful to be invited by awesome crocheter Sue to write a post for her crochet blog, where I’ve shared a bit of my story of crafting and blogging. Please visit when you have a moment!

Sue has many wonderful patterns and creations on her blog, like these awesome pandas! 


Happy weekend! :D

shop update! :D

I think I brought new things to the shop last week and I forgot to post about it!

I made another cactus. Because my friend, who is also the shop owner, said that they’re eye-catching :D

Cactus is also inspired by Kimya Dawson’s Tree Hugger

Fruity marshmallow line-up! (they’re magnets)

Mike stopped by the shop today and said the marshmallows have already been sold, woohoo! 

Happy sushi and other treats! (Also magnets. Right now the other treat is the dumpling, but I plan on adding more treats.)

I made these a while ago. Bobby pins with fabric covered buttons. I made them without a fabric button tool, because I don’t have one. 

This is what my cubby looked like…


And it is inevitable that one would use the money earned from one’s handmade things to buy handmade things by other artisans… Pretty hair clip, eh? Made by my cubby neighbour :D


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!




square-a-day update

Day 19, a quick study of Kat Sue the felted cat hailed from Felpa Felt, Mexico. Possibly my favourite square yet!


Day 20, octopus in the distance.


Day 21, contemplating goodbye. Dealing with some difficult things these days, glad to have a way of expressing it.


Day 22, listening. For directions, I guess.


Day 23, not alone. An experiment with freezer paper stenciling, then realize that freezer paper and wax paper are not the same. But I only had wax paper, and don’t know where to get freezer paper. Had mild success on this square piece of canvas, so tried it on a t‑shirt anyway, on a larger scale, but failed miserably :(


Day 24, duck glaring at people taking photos. I admit that I’m one of those people. Inspired by recent trips to city parks and Mo Willem’s pigeon series


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