another day at the farmers market


This time I got some black cherry tomatoes, pattypan squash, and some kale. I’ve never had any of those before. The friendly farmers gave me samples of the tomatoes and squash. They were very sweet.

Here’s what we did with the cherry tomatoes and squash — a summer salad with just some salt, pepper and sesame oil.


I sautéed half the kale, but found it a bit too chewy. So I thought I’d try to make kale chips with the rest of them. I’ve always been intrigued by them!

I followed this recipe. It’s really rather simple. Didn’t even have to turn them over half way through baking. Came out nice and crisp!

kale chips 2

Mike and I devoured the entire bowl in one evening.

kale chips 1

And this is the drawing of the week. Treasures from the earth.

treasures from the earth

May your week be filled with simple joys and treasures!


monster pops

monster pop 1

 Was wondering what to do with leftover coconut milk that we bought to make curry with, then I came across this post on how to make fruity striped ice cubes!

We happened to have a can of frozen mango juice as well, it was perfect :D 

Aren’t these monster pop molds just awesome? Mike bought them last summer :D It looks like the monsters have glowing brains under the kitchen light…

monster pop 2

 I added sugar to the coconut milk before pouring it into the mold, but I thought it tasted a bit bitter after it was frozen… does coconut milk taste bitter? Or did we leave it in the fridge for too long and it went bad…? Neither Mike and I felt unwell after eating two each, though. Hmm…

It’s going to hit 30℃ tomorrow — here comes summer!

Have a beautiful rest of the week!


rice of all shapes and sizes


My friend posted a picture of her lunch box on facebook one day, with onigiri (Japanese rice ball) in it. I asked if she could teach me how to make them when we get together next time, but we both have busy schedules and it was going to be a while before we could get together, so she sent me this video

It seemed doable. So Mike and I set out to make it. We got salted herring and avocado for filling. As you can see, they didn’t turn out perfectly triangular as the video has shown, and the salted herring was really salty, while the rice surrounding it was rather bland. But they were cute! :D


They actually didn’t taste too bad. But I tried to think of ways to improve them. So I boiled the herring and patted them dry beforehand. I also sprinkled salt on my hand while forming the onigiri (I skipped this step in my first attempt even though it was part of the video instruction, because my hands are perpetually dry with occasional tiny cuts and the thought of sprinkling salt on my hands just made me wince… but it wasn’t too bad when I actually did it). And I put a bit more filling into each one. Also, I figured out how to make them “perfectly triangular” like the Misa said in the video — I just needed to put more rice in my hand! 

So, the second attempt!


I brought them to school the other day :D Can’t really see them because they’re wrapped, but they are more triangular! And they tasted much better with the herring being less salty.

Will be making more of them, I’m sure. They’re actually really filling. Perfect for an evening class that stretches over dinner time.

On a separate note, had a lovely evening last night getting together with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, with a pink velvet cupcake! It was so pretty, I have to share a photo :D


Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D


simply minty

Saturday, movie night (Ponyo! I highly recommend it :D), perfect time for a mint hot chocolate.

Mike saw a “recipe” for making mint hot chocolate in our local grocery store’s flyer. We made a pot of peppermint tea and dissolved hot chocolate mix with it. It’s that simple :D


It was surprisingly VERY minty. Will have to make this again soon.

I tried to avoid getting clutter into the hot chocolate photos as much as possible, but as you may guess the coffee table is yet again covered in buttons, yarn, hooks and needles. I’m working on some new projects for a friend’s new shop for handmade stuff! Can’t wait to show you when I’m done :D

Have a great evening!



no churning, shaking or kicking



Homemade ice cream! :D

I once wanted to get one of those ice cream balls that one throws and kicks around for a while and out comes a tub of ice cream (well, one has to put cream and sugar and salt into it first). 

And then one day my friend Annie pointed me to this recipe on Kevin and Amanda. It involves condensed milk (one of my favourite things!) and without the use of an ice cream machine! (thanks Annie!)

Whipping up 2 cups of whipping cream (ah, sorry, messy kitchen :S)…

Dissolving 2 tablespoons of matcha powder with a bit of hot water (I’d use more next time, the green tea flavour is a bit too faint)…

Mixing the dissolved matcha with one can of condensed milk…

Folding whipped cream into matcha/condensed milk mixture…

And mixing it all up :D (see? the green tea was rather pale)

Freeze overnight — makes an ice cream tub full! :D

It’s quite a bit richer and sweeter than regular ice cream, so I’d say it’s best eaten in small servings, but it’s quite delicious! 

Since the recipe makes a full tub it would be fun to divide up the base recipe and mix with different flavours!

Wonder how I could make lavender flavour with the lavender tea I have… 


Have a sweet weekend!




delicious delicious delicious


March is an extremely busy month, with courses coming to an end at the same time and presentations/papers due at the same time. (has the school administration thought this through?) 

Anyway, it means that I have to make a conscious effort to make and eat good delicious food so that I don’t end up having ramen noodles three times a day (even though ramen noodles are awesome). 

My friend and I went to the Dumpling House in Chinatown after school one day — must go back! Check out the lattice pattern on the fried dumplings (above). Also ordered spinach dumplings for the disease fighting benefits of leafy greens.


Made curry beef — with coconut milk! So proud of myself. Actually quite easy. Just wasn’t sure whether coconut milk would curdle like regular milk. I don’t think it did.


Then with the leftover curry sauce Mike made curry fish ball! It’s a kind of Hong Kong street food :D


And last week Mike made the perfect fish congee.


I’m off to making myself some lunch :D 

Hope you’re enjoying this early spring weather!




recent adventures in cooking

My most frequently cooked foods are rice (in a rice cooker), instant noodles, fried eggs, chili, and Chinese greens (in the microwave). Needless to say, my interest and skills in cooking are limited. So when Mike and I try out new dishes it’s very exciting :D

Like these avocado and brie sandwiches!


And butter pork! After going out for Indian food a couple of weeks ago we wanted to try making butter chicken ourselves. So we bought a bottle of butter chicken sauce. But we didn’t have chicken. So we cooked it with pork because that was what we had in the fridge. It still tasted quite good! We even added mushrooms to it :D


Have a fabulous Tuesday!