A good pudding

Another egg recipe in a cup! This time it’s a 5‑minute bread pudding for one. (Though I made two.) Extremely easy and quick and delicious, you wouldn’t believe it’s made with a microwave! If you like bread pudding I’d highly recommend it :D

(By the way, my other attempts at eggs-in-a-cup were coddled eggs and quiche, if you’re interested in reading about them.)

Mike toppled his out of the mug and sprinkled additional cinnamon on it.

Which reminds me of this Sanrio character that’s supposed to be a dog that looks like a pudding. Pompom Purin is his name.

It used to be one of my favourite characters, among many others…

Cheers, comrade!

Summer plants

Our power went out the other day for several hours. So, no TV, and no computer. Trying to find something to do that doesn’t require electricity, I decided to replant our Christmas Cactus, which had been constricted in a tiny pot for the longest time.

And every time I use that old spoon to move dirt around I think to myself that it’s time to get some gardening tools. It takes forever to put enough dirt in the pot, one spoonful at a time. So, people digging their way to China with a spoon is definitely a myth…

And every time the power goes out I’m reminded of how much I’m dependent on electricity and how I should never take my unlimited access to electricity for granted. And I’m grateful for the temporary loss of power because otherwise I would never get around to replanting the Christmas cactus. There are always things to do on the computer or another episode of CSI I’ve never seen before (which is rare, but I do come across them once in a while).

The Christmas cactus is looking a bit droopy in the new pot at the moment, hopefully it will look better when it gets more settled in the new dirt.

Another activity that didn’t require electricity was sorting the wild flowers/plants that I picked over the weekend. I pressed them for the resin workshop I was taking this week.

I’m anxious to see how they turn out embedded in resin! I didn’t use all of them, just the daisies and a maple key and some foliage, but I’m saving the rest for other projects. At the workshop yesterday we poured resin into the molds and embedded bits of paper and other things in them, and now they have to dry for a few days, and then we’ll be back to attach jewelery findings to them on Friday. I will be sure to take pictures and let you how it goes!

Here’s a star-shaped flower I pressed, sparking in sunlight.

It’s been really, really, really hot these past few days. Apparently this kind of heat is going to continue throughout the summer… which I find a bit scary. I hope everyone is able to find ways to keep cool and stay well!


Some time in the spring I developed a fondness for cutting block letters from magazine pages, free-hand. I find it rather calming. And so, whenever I had a break in my work day, if I were not eating or doing paperwork, I would be sitting there cutting out block letters from magazine pages. Not just aimlessly cutting out block letters, but making greeting cards! Here are a few that I’ve made over the past few months. I liked them so much that I didn’t quite want to part with them, but I had to send them off because that was the point of making a greeting card… so I took photos of some of them.

This is one I made for a wedding, with bubble wrap print. The letters were cut from the rainbow-colour cupcakes on the cover of a Valentine’s Day issue of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. I also stuck a picture of a cupcake on the inside.

This one I made for my sister, for her graduation! She is an English major, so I cut out letters from an old book. And also berries and flowers from the Martha magazines. (The Martha magazine has got the best pictures for making greeting cards with!)

This is for someone who really likes water and the colour yellow, on a piece of paper I made. The picture might be too small to see, but the letters were cut from a photograph of a body of water. And the maple leaf is real — it’s from the tree that the birthday person’s husband had planted :D I particularly like the yellow tomatoes.

More bubble wrap print! With knit pattern on the letters. I love cutting out things from magazines because I never know what I’ll find, but what I do find is always perfect. It’s like a gift.

This one has lavender in the letters, and I was surprised to see that when I went to deliver the card to the person’s house, she had just planted lavender in her front yard.

Thank you for visiting my show-and-tell! :D

An action-packed weekend montage!

1. Raspberry-picking on a proper brilliant day! 2. garden flowers 3. journey on the train with Chococat the Pez!

4. Canada Day sparklers! 5. picking daisies 6. corral fossil by the river

7. at the raspberry patch 8. watching fireworks on the hill 9. sunset strolling

(By the way, I was going to make this montage on Big Huge Labs, but it wouldn’t let me upload photos from my computer unless I sign up for membership, so I gave up on the Labs and made this in Powerpoint :P)

So! Those were all the things I did this weekend — what about you?

Hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are :)